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Calbuco Volcano Shelter Trail from Rio Blanco

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Calbuco Volcano Shelter Trail from Rio Blanco

Calbuco Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes the last years  in Chile. 2015 was the last eruption, changing the environment, and today is possible see how the forest was restaured naturaly. For me, one of the most amazing trails in my life and now i can explain why.

Cumbre sur Volcan Calbuco

Vista volcán Calbuco


Is very funny trying to cross a river, and the Blanco river is very cold, specialy in winter 🙂  – If you cross dry, you win the first conquest.

From 2015 Conaf had closed the park, realy y think because is a problem for them open other Reserve, and the dont have interest. But  trail is there, behind the rules and the singage.

My recommendation: if you cross and enter you need be responsibly, keep the place and take care of you and your group.

The trail without special equipment can climb 7 k to the Calbuco Shelter, between one of the most incredible Alerce Trees forest. Alerce is one of the olders and tall trees in south america, and here is possible see a lot of them in diferents sizes, different forms. it´s incredible.

Sometimes in winter is possible walk in snow, and find Puma footprints. wooo.

The trail had someview points, and take care your equipment, forest is very humity! By the same reason you need charge clothes to get changed.

The Shelter is very simple, you need take care the place. From here you need equipment and montaneering experience for climb the volcano, never alone and with respect to the mountain.

Is possible walk all the trail around 6, 7 hours. The last part is between roots of ancient alerces, be careful.

The trail with good weather is possible all the year. windy days will be dangerous.

If you are from other country or region, i recommend go with somebody with experience in the place, better with a local Guide o local company.

Sendero a Refugio - Shelter Path

Sendero a Refugio – Shelter Path