Carretera Austral KM 13 1/2 Puerto Montt

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Some Photographs from October / Algunas fotografías de Octubre

Mountains and October photographs Andes Mountain Range is famous because have different mountains, with different and varied forms. Highlights Lakes District, Puerto Montt. With mountains like Osorno Volcano, Puntiagudo and Calbuco. All of those are volcanoes. From Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas is possible schedule  tours to visit National parks and reserves, like Perez Rosales…
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Calbuco Volcano Shelter Trail from Rio Blanco

Calbuco Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes the last years  in Chile. 2015 was the last eruption, changing the environment, and today is possible see how the forest was restaured naturaly. For me, one of the most amazing trails in my life and now i can explain why.   Is very funny trying…
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